Saturday 30 October 2010


Pepperkaker (gingerbread men) and marzipan has arrived the grocery stores. It's not yet November, but obviously Christmas is not far away. One Christmas tradition in the Eiker area is mølje. Mølje is a dish, and in different parts of Norway it consists of different things. In Eiker, mølje is broth from boiled pork meat that a special thin crisp bread, flatbrød, are being dipped into. For the second year, Mjøndalen football club and Aulie lompebakeri (the suppliers of the special flatbrød) are hosting a Møljefestival here in Mjøndalen, which is a big feeding frenzy of mølje in the recreation hall. The banner hung up in Mjøndalen's main street tells me the festival takes place on the 6th of November. Read more about Møljefestivalen here


  1. I have learnt something new!:)

  2. yes, they've already started putting up christmas lights here...

    greetings from Barcelona.