Monday 4 October 2010

Ceci, n'est pas une pipe..

These are the famous words of René Magritte, meaning "this is not a pipe." What you can see here, is not a pipe. It is an image of a pipe. It is taken at Solberg Spinneri in Solbergelva, Nedre Eiker, a factory which housed industrial spinning. From 1821 and over the next 150 years, this factory was the linchpin, or backbone, in Solbergelva. More importantly, it was the village's largest workplace for women. Through generations, Solberg Spinneri's textile became a famous brand known in all of Norway, yet the success ended, due to low-cost country sourcing. In 2007 the production was moved to Turkey. Now, parts of the old factory houses apartments whilst other parts are used for cultural purposes and adult education.

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  1. This factory was the view from my bedroom window when I grew up. The following text "Garn SOLBERG Tøyer" was at the top of the roof in blue and yellow coulors and existed untill this year (?)...
    My mother worked there in the age of 14, in the beginning of the fifties..
    Another catchy photo!

    btw: Yesterday's photo was unable to be showed..