Tuesday 31 August 2010

Childhood memories

When I spotted these two swings in this parc/garden it made me think of the wooden swing I had as a child that was hung up in one of our apple trees in our garden. The swing is not there anymore, but the trees and the memories are.

Monday 30 August 2010


Not even a month has gone past before I've started thinking of my next visit in Paris. There are so many things I have not yet done, so many places/buildings I have not yet visited, despite that my next visit will be my 10th time there. My mum (and the rest of my family for that matter) loves Paris just as much as I do, and in addition, my mum's favourite car is the Citroën 2CV. For a long time we have said we will do 2CV sigthseeing in Paris. Again, the idea of it crossed my mind after seeing this bright red 2CV the other day in Vestfossen.

Saturday 28 August 2010

What a bargain!

About once year, police stations arrange a lost property auction. Usually it is just bikes they auction, so if you are looking for a "new" bike, this is the best place to get a great bargain. In connection with a yearly market in the village Vestfossen in Øvre Eiker, the local police arranged a lost property auction today. This blue bike was sold for 450 kroner ($70/€56), and at the most the bikes were sold for 1000 kroner ($160/€125). What a bargain!

Thursday 26 August 2010


Not the best picture I've taken here, but it shows the first thing I saw this morning looking out of my window. One of my reader's commented that the photos on this blog are quite the contrast to the photos on my Oslo/Paris blog. He is right, this blog will be quite the contrast to my Oslo Daily Photo, but I will do my best not to show just photos of nature and quiet. Today's photo I find quite cosy though. I stood watching this mother taking care of her babies in the rain for a while until they continued into the forest..

Friday 20 August 2010

A strange admiration

In my old blog I have already confessed that I'm a sucker for trees (read the post here), and today i chose to share another photo of a tree. I often see trees that I really like when I'm on my way somewhere and therefore never get to take photos of them, but this tree is just in the forest by Eiker Golf Club. This is one of my favourite trees, I love the branches and the yellow and green color. With this post, I also want to wish my readers a happy weekend, as I'm heading off for even more nature and quiet, the Norwegian mountains.

Thursday 19 August 2010


As you might already have guessed, today's photo is of a farm. But not any farm. At this farm, Portåsen, the famous poet Herman Wildenvey was born. Many of his poems are about Eiker, especially the forest and streams around Portåsen. As I wrote yesterday, earlier this year we celebrated the establishment of the two municipalities, and last weekend there was another celebration that took place here in Nedre Eiker. Herman Wildenvey's birthplace and childhood home has been renovated and restored and had its grand opening last weekend, as a celebration of his birth, also 125 years ago. I was still in Paris when Portåsen re-opened, so this photo is taken before the renovation. A photo of the new Portåsen will come!

Wednesday 18 August 2010


125 years ago, one big municipality was devided into two, the two municipalities we have today, Nedre and Øvre Eiker. In June this was celebrated. As well as numerous spectacles, like concerts, dance show etc. (all by local performers of course), the village Mjøndalen's main square was refurbished. This facial lift was welcomed by many of Mjøndalen's inhabitants, although there were a few skeptics. For these three, for example, I imagine that the square changing look was a huge topic of conversation and discussion.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Hello nature!

For my first Eiker Daily Photo I have chosen this one, only because it represents what I have been missing whilst living in Oslo (and Paris); nature and quiet. Here in Eiker I've got it both! Today's photo shows the river that goes through the two municipalities and devides them into small villages and communities. The river is called Drammenselva (Drammen's river). About 10 kilometres from the spot this photo is taken, the river runs through the city Drammen, and ends up in the fjord Drammensfjorden, before the ocean.