Tuesday 6 December 2011

Autumn beating all records

Tonight, after a prolonged autumn, Eiker has finally been covered by 10 cm light and fluffy snow. Norwegian autumn seems to beat all records year after year. On November 30th last year, the Eiker area measured a freezing 22.2 blue degrees, coldest in Norway. Last Wednesday (November 30th), it was almost 30 degrees warmer!! This November has been the warmest November in over a hundred years. So, back to the snow. Although I love the fact that snow has arrived, just in time for my Christmas holiday, I have not yet been outside my warm and cosy flat to taste the snowflakes and take a photo. Hence, today's photo is taken last winter, during one of my many train rides home. The scenery is Daler and Ytterkollen, a small farmer area all the way east of Nedre Eiker. Knabben can been seen on the little mountain in the background. And to refresh your memory, this is the view from Knabben