Sunday 23 October 2011

Haugen på Skramnes

Behind this hill lies the farm Skramnes. I have briefly mentioned Skramnes in a couple of my posts before (check out: The chestnut tree and Sweet beeznes). Since then I have learned that the hill on the photo, Skramneshaugen, is an ancient burial mound from the Iron Age and that the farm Skramnes is one of the oldest settlements here in Eiker. I was quite intrigued when I heard this, as I have spent many nights after slumber parties in my childhood at this farm, not being able to sleep. My friend and I used to fantasize that there were ghosts in the attic, and that it was their chains we heard.. After all, maybe we were right?

Friday 21 October 2011

Parkering forbudt

Every Sunday, a group of old ladies meet at "Fellesen," a type of social gathering in the condominium in Solbergelva, where they live. For a few hours every week, they chat, drink coffee and eat home made cakes. Maybe someone knits, whilst others might talk about their grand children, their illnesses or how the world (read: youth and politicians) used to be in the old times. Last Sunday, I watched as they arrived in their electric cars or behind their rollators. Their parking, right in front of the "parkering forbudt" (no parking) sign on the wall made me chuckle, and the knowledge that their evening wouldn't be identical with all the other days in the week made me smile.

Monday 3 October 2011


Monday! For most people it means back to work, back to uni. A whole new week of commuting... Except for those lucky people who are on autumn break this week. What would I do if I were on autumn break? Shopping, spa and art in Prague sounds good!

Sunday 2 October 2011

It's my birthday

and I'll cry if I want to! Although I have reached the point (or age) where I keep forgetting how old I am, getting older is not that bad.. Today's photo is taken a while back, on 17th of May. I had planned to post it on an official flag flying day, such as Pentecost or our Crown Princess 38th birthday in August, but kept forgetting it. But today is also a perfect occasion, on my something-something birthday ;-)

Saturday 1 October 2011

Mystery Object

Yess! With less than 10 minutes left of October 1st and theme day, I made it just in time! This photo reminds me of those pictures where you have to squint or be cross-eyed to be able to make out the image. Can you se what my mystery object is? Click here to view thumbnails for all participants