Friday 29 October 2010

Knudsen Smia

In the middle of Mjøndalen, a small red brick building stands. The building is a forge, called Knudsen Smia. It has been in the Knudsen family through three generations, since 1896. Today the forge is run by Karl Oddbjørn Knudsen, who keeps it open twice a week. Knudsen has also close contact with a PhD student, who is learning how to make the type of ax, merkeøks, that Knudsen Smia is famous for. The building today dates from 1906 and is preserved (a photo of the building will be posted another day). The forge is also the closest neighbour to what used to be the house and property to my grandmother's family, where she and my mum grew up. They can both still recall the smell of the burnt metal and coal and the sounds from the anvil whilst the merkeøks were produced!

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  1. Great that they are keeping an old tradition alive! I love looking at that kind of handiwork!
    Hilsen fra Hagen i Minnesota