Tuesday 30 November 2010

November 30th, 12 p.m

Everyone who's ever been in the mountains know about the tree line, where trees no longer can grow, due to the cold, lack of moisture or insufficient air pressure. In Norway, during the winter, especially in valleys (like Nedre Eiker), there is something I call "solgrense," the sun line. It's the line where the sun stops to shine, where its rays of light can't reach. I took this photo today from the south end of Mjøndalen, with views to the north and Krokstadelva. Precisely at midday, the sun only reached to the middle of the valley. This is due to the surrounding hills and because the sun goes lower in the sky in winter. This means that for the people who live on the south side of the vally, there is absolutely no sunshine from early November to approximatley March. "No sunshine, isn't that a little depressing?" you might ask. "At least we've got daylight," my answer would be and I would compare it to the north of Norway where it's dark throughout winter!

Monday 29 November 2010

Waking up in winter wonderland!

Yesterday it snowed non-stop, and by nine o'clock this morning I had, together with so many others, shoveled lots of snow already, just in order to get out of the front door! I'm not complaining though, this is winter wonderland!

Friday 26 November 2010

Ice Ice Baby

After a short "warm" period, with about zero degrees, the weather reports says it will get colder. Already it's down to -10 degrees, and the icicles have arrived!

Tuesday 23 November 2010

The cadillac

This Saturday was the opening of Hariton Pushwagner's last exhibition this year, at the art gallery Gulden Kunstverk in Steinberg, Nedre Eiker. Pushwagner, or Terje Brofos, which is his real name, is a popular norwegian pop art- and contemporary artist. The opening exceeded all expectations, with close to a thousand visitors during the day. As I was busy on Saturday, my mother took time to quickly drive past and take a few photos on my behalf, and she took this snapshot of the cadillac, Pushwagner's cadillac, parked in front of the gallery!

Saturday 20 November 2010


I spotted this old fire hydrant a while back. If it's still in use, I don't know, but I guess it is. Nowdays, the firemen's water supply mainly comes from manholes. I did a quick search on the name on the hydrant and found out that Esco is the factory where these hydrants (and other valves and fittings) are being made. The factory is actually situated in Kongsberg, a city a 30 minutes drive away from Øvre Eiker.

Friday 19 November 2010

Wall of fame

Thursday night equals quiz night at Mjøndalen Gjæstgiveri, the pub in Mjøndalen. Yesterday I went there and I took this photo of the quiz's wall of fame, where the proud quiz winners get their photo posted. Yesterday, my friends and I came only second, but last time we actually won, and to my delight and to my friends' horror, our photo is now on the wall of fame too!!

Thursday 18 November 2010

Fancy a ride?

I don't know about you guys, but I rather just walk than take my bike for a ride at this time. It is icy and slippery enough as it is, than having to keep balance on a bike as well. You do get special winter tires for bikes if you're that keen, but that keen, I am not!

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Alpine fever

This weekend, Aron Ski Club (from Drammen, a neighbouring municipality) organized a second hand market in the recreation centre in Mjøndalen. Hundreds of people came to get their hands on cheap skis and equipment. As Aron Ski Club is an alipne club, most of the equipment on sale were alpine gear, but there were some ice skates and cross-country skiis and equipment there too, which is more to to my taste and interest!

Saturday 13 November 2010


I've cheated a little with today's photo. I took this a few winter's back, but with the amount of snow that has fallen the last few days, the valley looks just the same today! The photo shows the west part of Mjøndalen, with views towards Steinberg and Øvre Eiker!

Thursday 11 November 2010


On Saturday I was missing the snow. I didn't have to miss it for too long, the other day it snowed again. Now I find my self missing the bright colours of autumn, the orange, red and yellow, like these leaves. I know, I'm not easy to please, but that's how it is when autumn and winter are so different, but equally beautiful!

Wednesday 10 November 2010


A few months back I posted this photo from the river side. Today's photo is taken almost at the same place, with focus on the bridge Gamlebrua (the Old Bridge). The bridge is one of two bridges connecting Mjøndalen and Krokstadelva in Nedre Eiker.

Tuesday 9 November 2010


When I see this photo, that I took in the forest of Mjøndalen, my mind instantly stops working and I let myself surrender to the peacefulness and serenity in the picture. The local Golf Club has these fields in mind when it comes to expanding the current golf course from 9 to 18 holes. I do not support it at all, and would rather unwind, relax and get fresh air from walking here than playing golf.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Antique Mania

Two happy ladies selling antiques at Vestfossen Marken earlier this autumn. I think it's about time to find an antique market or a flea market in the area soon. I don't know exactly what I need, but I'm sure I need something for my flat.. Last time, I found an egg cup and a pastry iron, I wonder what little treasures I'll find the next time..

Saturday 6 November 2010

Snow misses me

How long ago is it since this winter's first snowfall? A week, two weeks? Regardless of when it fell, it was gone again within a day or two, and since then it has been raining loads. It's just the last few days it's been nice and sunny, still I miss the snow. This photo I took the morning after the snowfall. It's the photo I postponed to post the morning after as I took this and showed you instead..

Friday 5 November 2010


Yesterday I posted a photo of the barn at Portåsen, and today I decided to post a photo from inside it, and inside the gallery that tells the story of Wildenvey and his poetry. Here, I found a collection of his poetry.

"Åser som senkede rygge
av dyr i hvilende ring
senker seg solskinnstrygge
hele min bygd omkring”

Thursday 4 November 2010


In August, I wrote about Portåsen, the farm and childhood home of Herman Wildenvey, a famous local poet. The farm has been renovated and restored. A little café has opened up in the main house, and this barn has been transformed into several small art galleries, one of them telling the story of Wildevey's life and career. For information about what's on at Portåsen, follow this link.