Monday 22 August 2011


Before I continue where I left off last time, I need to apologize for not posting pictures on my blog, daily, as the name suggests that I should do. I'm a very busy girl!! Today's picture is a close-up of the dam between Nerdammen and Mellomdammen The original peat dam was replaced with a granite dam in the early 1900's so there would be a more secure supply of power to Solberg Spinneri.

Friday 12 August 2011


A picture of the dam parting Nerdammen and Mellomdammen, taken last night. Nerdammen and Mellomdammen are two waters in the forest of Solbergelva, 435 meters above sea level. The two waters were dammed-up in the early 1700's to be part of the power station at Solberg Spinderi.

Thursday 11 August 2011

Gi oss panten!

There are many ways to make money. To collect and recycle empty bottles and cans is one way, and Nedre Eiker Red Cross has set up a small container outside their premises for people to give us their bottles and cans. Last week, two volunteers and myself spent two hours emptying the container and recycling the content. Money earned for the Red Cross: 1500 NOK (272 USD or €192).

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Fragaria Vesca

Picking fragaria vesca, markjordbær or wild strawberries and putting them on a straw brings back many summer memories from my childhood and puts a smile on my face!

Monday 8 August 2011

Helt på bærtur

In Norwegian we have the phrase "helt på bærtur." It means that if someone do not understand something, do something wrong, misunderstand or is completely lost, that someone is helt på bærtur. At the same time, someone can be "på bærtur," literally speaking, if they are out in the forest or in the mountains to pick berries. So to the point: Today some friends and I were på bærtur, at the same time we were helt på bærtur. We were supposed to pick blueberries, but we were obviously too late, out of season, as there were no blueberries left. We had to find something else to do with our ten-litre buckets..

Thursday 4 August 2011

Herlig norsk sommer!

Wonderful Norwegian summer! Yes, I am sarcastic, but I'm not complaining. It has rained a fair bit this summer, about 25 days in June and July combined. This past week the weather has been impeccable, though we haven't gone without a proper shed during the day, such as this one.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

In memory

I was away when terror struck Oslo and Utøya on July 22nd, and in the week that has passed I have worked. Therefore, I have not had time to take part in the ceremonies that has taken place on the square in Mjøndalen and other places nearby. Oslo has become a sea of ​​flowers, candles, letters and poems, and today the cleaning up has started. Old withered flowers will be composted, fresh flowers will remain and letters, teddy bears and poems are packed together and given to the National Archives. Today's photo is from the square in Mjøndalen.

Tuesday 2 August 2011


In September, I wrote about the old nursing home Veiatun, which has been closed and planned demolished, although it is worthy of preservation. Two years ago, another old building in Mjøndalen was demolished and politicians are planning to build a new, modern, five storey apartment complex on the site. Residents in the houses around, on the other hand, demonstrates. They want a better environment, sun and well-being, not concrete and shadow. Who can blame them?

Monday 1 August 2011


For this month's theme day I chose this, the view from my friend's holiday house on Eikern. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants