Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Kamille Café

One thing I love is to discover new things, especially when I discover something somewhere I thought I knew everything, like in my home town. Not long ago, on impulse, I popped into one flower shop in Mjøndalen, Nedre Eiker. To my surprise, they have a café around the back of the shop. The café is really cosy, and I am very happy to have found something that is more my cup of tea (or coffee) when it comes to cafés.
This is their blog


  1. Kan den være i Drammensveien tro...?

  2. Uff da! I didn't know that Eiker is next to Drammen! Is I had known that we could have met together with Rune in Oslo in July - sorry! Next time!
    Hilsen fra Hagen