Saturday 18 September 2010

I've got fleas

This weekend is apparentley the big flea market weekend in Nedre Eiker. With two friends, I went to the flea market in the recreation hall in Mjøndalen today, where this picture is taken. Finally, I found a light green egg cup I have been looking for for ages! On our way back home, we saw posters along the way, about other flea markets today and tomorrow. One is in the recreation hall in Solbergelva, another one at the elementary school in Åsen. Although I found a few things today, the egg cup, an old lamp and a whisky decanter in glass, I wouldn't mind going on another treasure hunt tomorrow!


  1. Adelheid, it's not that difficult to make nice pictures in a very big city, as there is a lot to see. (I am nog wrong, am I?) But you are sure convincing that is IS possible to make breathtaking pictures in a smaller place. That's great! I really like the pictures of this week. Greetings from Tilburg.

  2. Congratulations on finding the elusive green egg cup. I know you've been searching for it for a while to complete the collection!