Saturday 14 May 2011

Ståle stålorm

I contemplated for a while, before I finally got ready for a walk in the forest yesterday morning. "Do I have the time?", "What if it starts raining?" and "What if I meet an elk" were my poor excuses not to go. In the end, "Fresh air will do you good" and "You'll feel great afterwards" won, and I found myself walking along the forest path. I am happy I went, as I had forgot how much I love the sound of birdlife and how good the smell of wet pine really is (it had been raining the evening before). I did worry about meeting an elk for a while, I have to admit, my elk encounter earlier this year have made me a bit wary. I did, however, stumble upon something else, a slow-worm, or what we say stålorm. I am just happy it wasn't the poisonous adder.


  1. kan ikke skjønne annet enn at det er fali` det, å gå i skauen, kan treffe på både elg og orm og sist, men minst: FLÅTT ! Bruk gummistøvler da og Autan spray, formaner

  2. You've got enough courage to take a photo of the snake. If it were me, I would've taken a fast walk away from it. :)