Monday 23 May 2011

No tulips?

Do you remember the photo I posted last September, of the gardener planting bulbs in front of the statue of Herman Vildenwey? For some reason, I assumed it was tulips the gardener planted. I say "for some reason," but to be honest, I assumed it was tulips because those are the only flowers I know about that grows out of bulbs. With a little help from my mother, I can show you this photo of the flowers that has grown from the bulbs, and tell you what they are called: Pelargonia (of some sort)..


  1. oh, NO, as far as I know: Pelargonia does NOT grow
    from bulbs ! (You asked for the name of the flower, only, and YES it is Pelargonia)

  2. Hodeløse Herman ! ( ja, det var han vel kanskje også, av og til ?)