Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Shutters Shut

Suffering from slight writer's block I was struggling to come up with a title (and text) for this photo. For long, I couldn't even remember what these red and yellow thingamyjiggy's in front of the windows are called in norwegian, but when I remembered I could easily find the english word for it: shutters. With that, my mind wandered far away from colourful shutters in Hokksund, to two choreographers in the Netherlands, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Lèon. In 2009, my mother and I saw a ballet performance by Lightfoot and Lèon in the Opera House in Oslo. The performance was called "4x Paul Lightfoot & Sol Lèon, and "Shutters Shut" was one of the four dance pieces, performed to a recording of Gertrude Stein's poem "If I told him: A completed portrait of Picasso." The only thing I remeber from Lightfoot and Lèon's performance is this dance, as I was, and still are mesmerized by the dance movements and the rythm in Stein's reading of the poem. Click here for "Shutters Shut"

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  1. Shutters... Some houses here where I live had outside window shutters you could close and latch when a big storm was coming.

    Shutters... They also used to have inside the house window shutters. You could regulate how much light entered the room.

    We have Venetian blinds now, in our office, and they are somewhat like shutters, as they can be pulled open and partially close to allow light in or to see out or, they can be closed so you can't see out and people outside can't see in.