Monday, 14 February 2011


I walk past these bee hives every day and I have wondered where the bees are. I mean, I assume they are inside the beehives, but what do they do? Are they in hibernation? Do they survive the cold winter or do they freeze the death? What do they eat?? I have found out that the beekeeper give the bees sugar water in the autumn, which will be their food through the winter. Okay, that makes sense. What surprised me was the fact that the temperatures inside the beehives are around 25 degrees at all times throughout the winter, no matter how cold it is outside. Why this is? The bees sit together, around their queen to protect her from the cold, and it is their body heat that makes the temperatures so high. Makes me wonder, exactly how many bees are there inside there??


  1. Gosh, I have been living my life without even thinking about it.
    BUT NOW, I have started to think about it....
    Will you tell us the answer when you find out?

    Anyway, it looks pretty AND cold where you are. Keep warm!