Tuesday 30 November 2010

November 30th, 12 p.m

Everyone who's ever been in the mountains know about the tree line, where trees no longer can grow, due to the cold, lack of moisture or insufficient air pressure. In Norway, during the winter, especially in valleys (like Nedre Eiker), there is something I call "solgrense," the sun line. It's the line where the sun stops to shine, where its rays of light can't reach. I took this photo today from the south end of Mjøndalen, with views to the north and Krokstadelva. Precisely at midday, the sun only reached to the middle of the valley. This is due to the surrounding hills and because the sun goes lower in the sky in winter. This means that for the people who live on the south side of the vally, there is absolutely no sunshine from early November to approximatley March. "No sunshine, isn't that a little depressing?" you might ask. "At least we've got daylight," my answer would be and I would compare it to the north of Norway where it's dark throughout winter!

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