Monday 30 August 2010


Not even a month has gone past before I've started thinking of my next visit in Paris. There are so many things I have not yet done, so many places/buildings I have not yet visited, despite that my next visit will be my 10th time there. My mum (and the rest of my family for that matter) loves Paris just as much as I do, and in addition, my mum's favourite car is the Citroën 2CV. For a long time we have said we will do 2CV sigthseeing in Paris. Again, the idea of it crossed my mind after seeing this bright red 2CV the other day in Vestfossen.


  1. They are cute, - but not many around here where I am living.
    Nice to see your photos. My mum came from Drammen, and i have/had relatives at Mjøndalen, Solbergelva etc.
    Lucky you, who hopefully are off to Paris again soon! Enjoy!:)

  2. I too love Paris but have not been in quite a while.
    I love the colour of this 2CV. I know a guy who has a white one and it is his daily drive, it is quite old and rather tatty but he drives it from home every day. My friend who is a very good photographer took some photos of it and now it is on the wall of a small art gallery and people have bought the picture! Paul