Tuesday 7 June 2011


Last Saturday I went with my mum on a boat trip on the lake Eikern, in Øvre Eiker. On the boat, there were a few local writers who presented some of their work. This woman, read a few of her short stories and rhymes for children. For her rhymes, she said she was inspired by a Norwegian lyricist, Inger Hagerup, and one of her nursery rhymes in particular. For me it was funny to hear her read Haperup's rhyme, as I remeber reading it when I was little. It is called "Det bor en gammel baker" and it's from a collection of nursery rhymes from 1950. This is the first of three verses:

Det bor en gammel baker
på en bitte liten øy.
Han er så lei av kaker
og krem og syltetøy.
Men han må sitte likevel
og spise sine kaker selv.
For han bor helt alene
på en bitteliten øy

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