Monday 27 December 2010


The days between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are called "romjul." Traditionally, the romjul lasts from the 3rd day of Christmas (today) until the 13th (the 6th of January). The name derives from the norse word "rúmheilagr," meaning "that do not need to be kept strictly sacred." Romjul is for many a quiet, peaceful and relaxing time at home, for others a busy week of visiting family and friends eating left over Christmas food. My romjulsdrøm (romjul's dream) is to do as little as possible, only with breaks of some acitivity, preferably cross country skiing or bandy. As the famous norwegian singer and writer Alf Prøysen put it;

"En skulle vøri fire år i romjul
da julelysa brente dagen lang
og væla var et hus med fire vegger,
der saligheta var et bessmorfang"

If you have got Spotify you can listen to Alf Prøysen singing his Christmas song here.

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  1. Lovely shot! Wish I could have days like that but it's back to work tomorrow.