Friday, 15 July 2011

3322 Fiskum

Fiskum is the name of this little area between Vestfossen, Øvre Eiker and the city Kongsberg. The little village in Fiskum is called Darbu. The school and train station are called Darbu, whilst the church and local clubs and organisations are called Fiskum. If you come from west, the road sign says Darbu, if you come from east, it says Fiskum. Complete confusion! A discussion to change the village's name from Darbu to Fiskum got a blank no from locals, so since then there has been an ongoing debate to whether the place name in the zip code, 3322 Darbu, should be changed to 3322 Fiskum. About six months ago, after a local referendum, the politicians spoke: From now on, it's 3322 Fiskum.

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